The Issue

Your kids (or grand kids) know way more about technology than you. And it’s time you did something about it.

No Kidding - The Book! Why Your Kids Know More About Technology Than You

#1 The Issue

Today’s kids are intuitively able to use every device, app, game and social network handed to them. Just give a tablet or a smart phone to a toddler and watch what happens.

New apps, social networks, websites, gadgets and other technology comes out ever week.

But as life speeds up, and we’re busy than ever being ‘good parents’, the technological gap between parents and kids seems to grow exponentially.

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But it’s not my thing…

We expect the education system and the Government to do something about it, but the fact is kids desperately need their parents to understand the technology they are using RIGHT NOW, and to embrace the technology themselves.

There is no point in fighting technology or ignoring it. It’s not going away, and the sooner you embrace it, the better off you and your family will be.
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#3 But I’m too busy!

We know!

So this pocket-sized book has been organised into bite-sized pointers so you can read a page before you pass out in bed of a night.

Or, stash in your handbag (or man bag!) and pull out in a rare coffee break, or whilst sitting in the waiting room taking the kids to the doctors for the hundredth time this year (instead of a brain numbing magazine).
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No Kidding the book

Introducing No Kidding – The Book

This book is aimed at helping you get started with technology and to understand how it can actually help, and not hinder your family life through many practical applications.

No one is better placed than mother of two and winner of ICT Woman of the Year, Yvette Adams to teach you about technology.


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