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Keep your kids entertained and safe online these holidays


ARE your kids already shouting they are bored?  It’s not realistic to think that we can keep them busy during every waking hour of the holidays, but instead of turning on the TV/DVD player/PlayStation, how about finding them safe and fun things to do on websites or apps?  Here are a few suggestions of the sites and apps my kids (aged nine and five) enjoy….

•  Let’s start with online safety, very important as you don’t want your kids downloading programs that will affect you, themselves or your computer. is a fantastic and free resource from the Australian Government that will help make your kids STOP and THINK about being safe online.  Jump on and get your kids involved in a range of online and interactive activities which teach them practical and important online safety concepts. Appropriate for all ages.

• Your school may or may not have already introduced your kids to, but either way it’s a great way to keep them reading and learning whilst having fun over the holidays.  Kids aged three years to 13 years will enjoy learning letters, words, spelling and reading through these fun and highly interactive exercises. To get started sign up for a free trial, or invest $79.95 for a one year subscription – less than $7 per month.  As they progress through different learning levels they’ll be rewarded with songs, stories and even certificates you can print out and pin up at home.

• App – Free Books. For roughly the cost of a cup of coffee, you could buy your child access to more than 23,000 classic books online with this cool app. If your child is tired of the books on your family bookshelf, expand their horizons. Perfect for entertaining the book worms in the family (or those who need to practice their reading in the holidays), this app features stunning book cover art which will get your kids excited from the get-go, and easily legible text.

• App – Project Noah. Is your child an outdoor explorer who loves wildlife? Then download this cool free app and encourage them to take pictures of plants or animals over the holidays. Using the app they can select the appropriate category within the app for the plant or animal, confirm your location and submit the photo to a project. The Noah online community will help you identify the species if you don’t already know it.

• App – Educreations. This amazing iPad app lets you create and share amazing video lessons with your iPad or browser. Use it to teach little ones to write or older ones more advanced concepts such as algebra and fractions. Check out the website for a wide range of existing lessons.

• ABC For Kids  ABC is always a favourite on the TV for the younger crowd so why not explore what they have online.  The site features colouring-in activities, games and videos that the kids can explore with an interactive playroom that can provide hours of fun!

Do you have another favourite website or app for kids you’d like to share? Submit it to our online community or comment below.