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The questions to ask when moving around each quadrant of the charter with your child:

Your family unit
EXAMPLE: Our family consists of Dad (first name, last name), Mum (first name, last name), son (first name, last name) and daughter (first name, last name). We live at 123 Address Street, Green Village.

The date
EXAMPLE: This charter is being created on [insert day of year] [insert month] [insert year].[/em]

Your reason for having a charter
EXAMPLE: The [insert family surname] family wishes to create a Family Technology Charter to outline the values of our family in regards to technology and the use of it.

Appropriate amounts of time to be on technology per day
CONSIDERATIONS: Is there a set amount of time that technology can and can’t be used? Different guidelines are provided by different authorities on appropriate time limits per day for appropriate age groups. Only 3 out of 10 kids aged 8 to 18 say that their parents set limits on their media use and stick to them according to the 2010 study Generation M2: Media in the Lives of 8 to 18-Year-Olds, conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation.
EXAMPLE: As a family we agree that we will spend a maximum of 2 hours per day using technology for entertainment purposes.

Technology curfews
CONSIDERATIONS: Are there set times that technology can be used in your family? For instance, must phones, computers and gaming devices be turned off during meals? Must be turned off by 8pm each week night? What about on weekends and school holidays? Can they go on it before school? How will you enforce the curfew? Will devices for instance need to be handed into a central location by this time, i.e. a basket you keep in the kitchen or your bedroom to ensure no undercover use into the wee hours?

EXAMPLE: All technology must be switched off by 8pm on week nights and handed into the designated technology basket in the kitchen. All technology must be switched off and handed in by 9pm on weekends and school holidays.

Location of use
CONSIDERATIONS: Are there set locations that technology can and can’t be used? Some families for instance require that computers and smartphones be used in public spaces and charged in a central area – like the kitchen. In addition to removing the temptation for kids, it gives you an opportunity to randomly check texts and emails.

EXAMPLE: Technology can not be used at the dinner table or other eating areas at any time. The main computer in the lounge should be used for doing homework.

CONSIDERATIONS: Will the parents require access to all email and social media accounts at all times? Will they have the right to perform spot checks? Will they get to know their passwords? This is one of the rules that usually gets the most discussion going at our workshops as the kids will bemoan that you’re ‘spying on them’ and ‘don’t trust them’. A fair response is that if they have nothing to hide, they won’t mind you checking!

EXAMPLE: Parents may conduct spot checks at any time on any device and will be granted access by the kids providing their current username and password. If the parents discover any activity that contravenes this charter, disciplinary action as outlined in this charter may result.

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